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Roma Pincéis e Acessórios (Roma Brushes and Accessories) was founded in 1989, in nova Roma do Sul, a town of 3.500 habitants, which is situated in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the south of Brazil. The beginning was marked with the production of brushes and material for the shoes finishing industry. With the constant contact with the market, the company identified the necessity of increasing its range of products. It was the beginning of production of paint brushes, artistic brushes, rollers and other several accessories for painting.

With the goal of attending satisfactorily its customers, the company has increased the production department. Since 2007 it’s established in new and modern installations, in its same origin town, with an operational area of 20.000 square meters and 130 employees.

The year of 2012 was market wiht the beginning of the operation of Pincéis Roma Ltda Branch Nazaré da Mata, in Pernambuco, with a 16.000 square meters built area and 120 employees. Nowadays both factories are adapted to optimize the productivity of its more than 400 products, that are available in line, with it’s diferent options of raw material, design and finishing. The Roma products are available for various profile of consumers, in the Brazilian and the international market.

The quality of the products is a constant concern of the company, which value the raw material selection, invest in specialized workforce, and top quality equipment. Everyone is part of the products quality control that is an attribute present in the culture of the company.


Roma Brushes and Accessories has two plants positioned strategically in the Brazilian territory, one of that in Nova Roma do Sul town, on the hills of Rio Grande do Sul state (south of Brazil) and the other one in Nazaré da Mata/ Pernambuco (in the northeast of Brazil).

Combining technology and quality, manufacture products that satisfy both the national and international markets, in several segments.



Nova Roma do Sul - RS, Brasil


Rodovia RS 448, 623
CEP 95260-000


Nazaré da Mata - PE, Brasil


Rodovia BR 408, KM 56
CEP 55800-000


Roma Brushes and Accessories was founded in 1989 in Nova Roma do Sul, a city of 3,500 habitants that is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Started production of paint brushes

In 1994 started the production of paint brushes, adjusting its focus to supply products for the civil construction segment.

New factory

Due to its increase of products range and production, in 2007 the production it’s established in a new and modern installation with an operational area of 20.000 square meters.

Branch Foundation

The year 2012 was marked by the start of operations of Pincéis Roma Filial Nazaré da Mata, in Pernambuco, with a constructed area of 16 thousand square meters and 120 employees.

More than 400 products

Today both plants are adapted to optimize the productivity of the more than 400 products that make up their line.

Environmental Awareness

Roma Paint Brushes, once is physically and culturally inserted in a real natural retreat, believes that the respectfor the natural resources is one of the predominant factors and fundamental for the survival and the development of a decent and prosperous society.

This concept makes that the company develop a special concern with the natural resources, the raw material and the production process.

For this reason the raw material discarded, according to each need, is recycled and reused in several productive processes.

And all this because ROMA believes in a better world.

Market View

The plastic has been a world tendency, with an alternative to improve the products performance, reducing costs.

With this vision Roma created the Plastic Line. The goal of this line is to develop practice and functional products, to facilitate and reduce the costs with the construction, and consequently the day to day of consumers.

Both the recognition and the acceptance of the products of this line has been amazing, and the trend is an important increasing in this segment in the next years.


One block system:

The ROMA paint brushes are produced by one block system. This system is a result of a fusion between the bristles and the handle, making use of a special adhesive resin. This process ensure a better resistance for the product and do not allow the same to leave the bristles, even after a prolonged and continuous use of the paint brushes.

Thermo-fusion process:

The ROMA wool rollers, both the natural wool rollers, the mixed and synthetic ones, are produced by the thermofusion system. This process do not use the adhesive between the wool and the polypropylene tube. To assemble it, the tube is heated to a temperature that the wool is molten straight in the plastic, offering the durability for the product and its resistance to the solvents.

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