Painting Hints


To obtain a patina with apparent streaks, it is required that you follow some steps very carefully, since the surface preparation. The wood must be bare so that the paint penetrates the low reliefs of the wood lines providing an antique look to the piece. The wood must be clean, free from varnishes, paints, etc. Sand and seal its pores with shellack. Let it dry and sand it again with sandpaper number 150 to 180, and then use thinner ones. Be careful not to lean your hand while sanding, because you may leave scratches that do not follow the wood line directions. Coat the surface with enamel paint using a piece of cloth and respecting the wood line directions, as if you were applying some wax. The excess should be removed with other cloth soaked in turpentine.

The next day, slightly sand the surface to the wood line directions. Remove the dust and apply bright or dull polyurethane varnish as indicated on the label. Do not forget that varnish changes the applied color, it makes it brighter or even yellowish. Test the results before the final coating, different kinds of wood may result different effects even when painted the same way. That is due to the mixture of the paint with the wood natural pigmentations, leaving the colors a little altered.


Spackling compound must be applied to even surfaces and correct shallow imperfections not deeper than 3 mm. If it is used in holes poked by nails or screws or to even more profound blemishes, the plaster will crack and generate problems to the paint coating. An interval of 4 hours between the spackling application and the reapplication is needed to let it dry and to be sanded afterwards.


To obtain an effect of enlargement , use plain or ‘cold’ shades or add a little bit of hot color pigments to the white, such as a yellowish one. If the environment is squared and bright, you should use a darker color on two opposite walls. In order to ‘expand’ a corridor the ceiling has to be painted with a darker color than the color of the walls. Ceilings that are painted with darker shades than those of the walls seem to be closer to the ground. When painted with lighter shades, they seem to be farther.


To make rollers, sashes and paint brushes last longer, it is important that they be washed with water or solvent after usage, according to the used paint. And then, they should be kept aside to dry out.
Only the brushes can be dipped in solvent.

Never leave the product soaked in paint.

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